What is a Star dry-pendent sprinkler?
Star dry-pendent sprinklers are fire safety sprinklers that were manufactured by Mealane Corporation, formally known as Star Sprinkler Corporation, from 1961 to 1976.   Dry-pendent sprinklers are commonly installed in attics, warehouses, loading docks and other areas exposed to cold or freezing temperatures to offer protection in case of a fire.

What Star dry-pendent sprinkler models are being recalled?
Star dry-pendent sprinkler models D-1, RD-1, RE-1, E-1 and ME-1 manufactured from 1961 through 1976 are being recalled.

NOTE:    Star sprinkler heads in wet systems are NOT subject to recall. The sprinkler models in wet
                systems do NOT have the number 1 in the model designations.

Why are Star dry-pendent sprinklers being recalled?
The Consumer Product Safety Commission believes Star dry-pendent sprinklers produced from 1961 to 1976 are defective and could fail in a fire.

Can I identify a Star dry-pendent sprinkler just by looking at it?
You may be able to.  Star sprinklers have certain key information stamped on the head of the sprinkler.  This information includes the name Star along with the model designation D-1, RD-1, RE-1, E-1 or ME-1 and the 2-digit year of manufacture, e.g. 74.  Please click on the diagram for an illustration.

Please be extremely careful in attempting to identify your fire sprinkler and never attempt to unscrew the sprinkler yourself.

I'm having trouble identifying what kind of sprinklers are in my building.  Is there anyone who can help me?
Yes, you can call your sprinkler maintenance contractor for help.  Also, whoever was responsible for installing the sprinklers in your building should be able to tell you what kind of sprinklers are installed.

Are there other places I can learn more about the Star dry-pendent fire sprinklers being recalled?
You can click the diagram for more product information or call the Star Sprinkler Customer Service Line at 1-800-866-7807.

What should I do if I have Star dry-pendent sprinklers in my building?
We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Mealane Corporations free replacement program.  You can do this by completing and returning the Notice of Claim and other forms that can be downloaded from this web site.  These forms are also found in the Notice Packet that can be mailed to you.

How do I get the claim forms I need to receive replacement sprinklers?
All of the forms can be downloaded directly from this web site or call 1-800-866-7807 to receive a Notice Packet.

How do I install the replacement sprinklers?
A licensed, trained and authorized sprinkler contractor should install the sprinklers.  Each facility is responsible for arranging for removal of its Star sprinklers and the installation of the replacement sprinklers.  Mealane Corporation will provide reimbursement toward this cost.

How do I receive reimbursement for the cost of installing the new sprinklers?
You must do three things in order to qualify for reimbursement:

      1.   Complete the Notice of Claim form found on this web site and return it to:

Mealane Corporation
c/o INA Corporation

Taryn Kindred
436 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA  19106

      2. After your claim is accepted, obtain a contractors labor only bid to replace the sprinkler heads.  The contractors bid must be made in accordance with the contractors bid instructions, which are available through this web site or by calling the Star Recall Hotline 1-800-866-7807.

      3. Complete a Verification Form after you have had your new sprinklers installed.

Where do I find the Verification Form?
A copy will be sent to you, when you are sent replacement sprinklers.

What if I already replaced my old Star sprinklers with other Star sprinklers?
All owners of Star sprinklers being recalled are eligible to participate in the recall, including those who replaced these old Star models with new Star models.

What if I already replaced my Star sprinklers with non-Star sprinklers?
The recall terms may also provide benefits if you already replaced the specified models of Star dry-pendent sprinklers.  Contact Star Recall Customer Service at:  800-866-7807 for further information.

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